Book Review: The Emerging Mind: Reith lectures 2003

The Emerging Mind: Reith lectures 2003The Emerging Mind: Reith lectures 2003 by V.S. Ramachandran
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

This book is based on Dr. V. Ramachandran lectures on neuroscience. Though most of these contents were already been covered in his previous books like “The tell tale Brain” and “Phantoms in the Brain”, this book helped me refresh through it.

This book explains about the inner workings of brain that was written in layman terms. Dr. Ramachandran starts explaining his experiences with his patient’s neurological problems and tries to analyse the root cause of these problems which might have triggered from the patient’s brain. That actually helps understanding the integral part that the brain is taking in our everday life.

He covers many topics like arts and aesthetics, evolution of human brains, free will, qualia, consiousness and so on with respect to brain. Many neurological phenomena’s were discussed to provide good understanding of one’s Self which would prove that it is just an illusion created by the brain itself.

I believe Neuroscience is best explained in his books. I would recommand this to everyone who wants to know How brain works?!

It was great read.

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