I have a serious problem of thinking. I’ve this curiosity kind of thing working on every topics. I would like to update my self continuously. If I have given good time and any topic, I would start reading on it. When I’m reading on anything, I get diverted to the sub-topics as my curiosity pushes me to find out more. I never completed many things fully. If you ask me any question, I may try to answer it but cant finish it. So, I would like to question everything. But not to answer.

So many thoughts will be active in our brain. Most of the time, this urges me to write it somewhere. Not so philosophical. Not so creative. Not so interesting. But still, I would like to share my thoughts which I think is interesting. So I started writing this blog.  As I’ve to balance other areas like  work life, personal life,  programming, 3D modelling and  AI, I’m not sure of frequently writing blogs. But will try to share my thoughts at least once in a month. It may bore you, but these blogs are just my thoughts. Never mind, if you don’t like it. 🙂

I’ve planned to write about 3D modelling, Science and Technology,  Various Reviews, Thoughts, Poetry and Programming with all my knowledge that I have. You may also suggest some topic. If I have more idea on it, I will write an article on it in my blog. I’m still a learner of many things. The blog will provide only the view of mine. Any comments, feedback, sharing and ratings are welcome. That may help me to find how mad or happy you people are with me!

PS: Rishopedia will not be responsible, if it spoils your mood. 😉

-Amrish Vasudhevan


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