Oh My God, Where are you??? – Part 2

Double Helix Spindle

Charles Darwin, though he is not an atheist, believed that every single organism is surviving upon the natural selection. That doesn’t mean nature selects the organism which to survive (Survival of the fittest). But, he found that every organism changes its characteristics based upon the environment through transmutation. The characteristics are getting transferred to the next generation using DNA. DNA is a double helix spindle resides inside the nucleus of a living cell. The code of the DNA differs between each living being. Wow!! What an intelligent design? I’m so much interested when I happen to read about the structure of a DNA. It uses an encryption technique to encode and decode the form of an organism. Most probably God do not want to encrypt DNA of every organism. So, the program in nature writes the encryption of the DNA by the organism itself.

Well, what about mutation? It happens when a mistake happens in the genetic DNA thread on transferring the DNA from one generation to the next. If the organism survives with the mutation, the generation may continue to evolve as mutated organisms. God’s play should be there. The mistake should be done purposely by god. But why should he do this transformation when he could create everything at a spark of the second? Does he/she want, a man to believe that it is random or it is really random? OK. What about the very first organism? It was also random. Shoot… Just give me a break…

Many scientists believe that the first organism was born (?) after the early development of the earth on a lightning strike at the stagnant soup of amino acids with carbon, hydrogen, nitrogen, oxygen, phosphorous and with other elements which is available in a living cell. The organism then got the intelligent to divide further and grows throw the process of mutation. Would god be responsible for the life of the first organism? Why shouldn’t he/she have just sent the lightning spark with the intelligence packed for the life of a first organism? If yes, we again are getting the same question. Why should he do this when he could create everything at a spark of a second?

Survival is the basic instinct for a living being to be existing. Man exists only after a long chain of mutations happened over many organisms from the first living cell. Every organism follows a strategy to survive with its own characteristics. Human DNA was programmed with the package of intelligence, which none of the other life forms have. That difference makes a human to stand out from a monkey.

A living being cannot be made without chemistry. It follows the chaotic behavior of the nature. It is a structured chemical factory with structured molecules. Organic chemistry takes the responsibility for the chemical reactions that is happening inside an organism. Those reactions are continuous, environment depended and chaotic. God should have automated everything, so that they will be very easy to handle. It could be a controlled automation, on which god could interfere anywhere and anytime whenever he/she wants to.  But why should he/she hide from everyone? Why god does create an image as like he/she doesn’t exist?

Even our emotions are the result of a chemical reaction inside our body. For instance, consider a person who is getting ready for a fight. When his brain has decided to fight, it will try to prepare the body first. So that it will send a signal to every part of the body. Next thing, when this reaches the adrenaline hormone, it releases the chemical noradrenalin which immediately joins the circulation of blood and increases the heart rate so that it prepares the brain and muscles by sending more oxygen and glucose. This is a survival instinct that is stored on a DNA. Instincts are genetic memory which will be used on the course of emergency. Will this genetic memory hold the memory of our ancestors? Some people think they are reincarnated. Will genetic memory be the reason for this?

Though emotions are continuous chemical reactions, we could not simply ignore it. It is a non verbal communication which would say how happy or sad a person is. There is a difference with the communication between The Terminator (Arnold Schwarzenegger) and John Connor (Edward Furlong) in Terminator movie. Mind would be the combination of these emotions and intelligence.


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