Oh My God, Where are you??? – Part 1

Disclaimer: This article is fully based on my view on God. I have tried to provide scientific explanation wherever possible which i read in books and internet. Thanks to Wikipedia and Google on helping me finding articles related to science. If it spoils your mood or you started feeling boring on reading this article, please don’t scold me. 🙂

God Particle
God Particle

Everyone should have thought about god at least once in their lifetime. Doesn’t matter if he/she is a theist or atheist. Denial of god is the matter of fear which we think what if the god exists? Every time when scientists untangle the puzzles of nature, god goes far beyond the ring of puzzle. But still it puzzles with what is beyond the ring. Science takes an advantage of using “Infinite” when they can’t reach the limit of certain things. May god exist beyond infinite? In toy story Buzz Light Year will come with a caption says “To infinity … and beyond!”  If Buzz could take us beyond infinity, we may meet god.

A series of questions will arise on our mind when we think of god. Why god does this to me? I smoke daily, will I go to hell? Well, I’ve donated blood many times, is heaven a sure thing for me? What is the calculation god will make for one to go to hell or heaven? Why god plays in my life? Will God look at me when I bribe with the constable standing on the roadside for coming in one way? Why God created us? What is the purpose for me to live in this world?

Every questions turns to be logical or illogical depend upon the situation they are in. When I feel hopeless, I would want the god exists. I would try to get the solution by a miracle. Only a superior who is far greater than human can do that. We could see miracles happening in someone’s life. Yes, God if exists can do that. On the other sense, it should be a coincidence. But how god could enter in each and every one’s life of >6.7 billion population overall this world? This world has so many other living beings. God doesn’t care about them? We could answer this question. God is superior to everything, so he could do anything. Cool.

I love science. When I read it I get so many questions, which when asked to someone they may look at me as if I’m an alien. So, I stopped asking questions. But the questions started building up in my mind and started confusing with myself. I never tried to find God. But those questions started finding the solution for “Where is God?” The most comforting answer for that question is “God can’t be limited by science”. There are chances where god could be in the reverse direction of science. But still, I wanted to find the answer as I live directly with science.

Big Bang theory explains how this universe could have been started from. This theory doesn’t care about the previous state before Big Bang or the initial state of it. But it says that the universe was extreme hot and dense that expanded rapidly after the initial state. Universe is still expanding. Time and Space didn’t exist at the initial state of big bang. There was only a point from where the Big Bang could have started. Could God have started this Big Bang by keeping the point in the void space which is available of nowhere? If everyday life is pre-determined, how there exists randomness on everything?

Einstein quoted “God doesn’t play dice with the universe”. Means that if god is determining the life and everything, why should he hides behind the randomness with the nature? Butterfly effect tells about the chaotic behavior of the nature. A flap of the butterfly wings may lead to the delay or creation of a tornado. But the probability will be depends upon the event chains that happens events after events. I believe chaos. It happens around me. Every event is the chain reaction of another event. A superior power could redirect the sequences of these events. But why God should need to control the events of the nature? Is he/she controlling the randomness too? Who could possibly be the designer of nature and its laws? God or Chaos? Oh My God, why does u want me to ask about all these silly things?


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